Fat Addict Productions is an organization that will bring together all forms of student, individual, and independent film and media productions into a unified network of creative minds.

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directed by Jose Troconis

A La Toalla Production

Music Video for "Starcrossed"

by Live From LA

Spring 2009


Out of Tune

directed by Nick Rycroft

A Fat Addict Production

This film was made as part of the National Film Challenge 2010.


Ana Lucia Villalobos, Jon Fisher, Alex Haberman, Nicholai Moguet

Fall 2010


"A Million Miles Away"

directed by Jose Troconis

A La Toalla Production

in Association with

Team Ice Productions

Music Video for "A Million Miles Away"

by Misfit ft. Allan Hawke

Summer 2010


The Hero

directed by Adam Angeles

Traffic Jam

directed by Jose Troconis

Stockholm Syndrome

directed by Matt McCabe

Genevieve's Train Ride

directed by Christina Winkelmann