Out of Tune

Fat Addict Productions presents

A Nick Rycroft Film

This film was made for the National Film Challenge 2010


Directed By

Nick Rycroft

Produced By

Adam Angeles


Sidney Sanders - Ana Lucia Villalobos

Brother - Nicholai Moguet

Greg - Jonathan Fisher

Alex - Alex Haberman

Woman on the Piano - Barbara Rycroft

Music By

Andy Villalobos

Written By

Nick Rycroft

Christine Kim

Edited By

Morgan Swift

Adam Angeles

Matt McCabe

Director of Photography

Adam Angeles

1st Assistant Camera

Nabil Wire


Vivian Le

Nicholai Moguet


Janet Lee

1st Assistant Director

Nick Coro

Script Supervisor

Janet Lee

Production Assistant

Elizabeth Graciano

Sound Technicians

Justin Nguyen

Jose Troconis

Key Grip

Philip Woo


Rob Park

Patrick Aviles


Matt McCabe


Morgan Swift

Musical Consultant

Christine Kim

Special Thanks

Richy Strobel

Dan and Barbara Rycroft

Brian McEligot

Anne McEligot

Cooper Wise

Samy's Camera


Fall (2010)

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